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Reba left today (Tuesday, January 5, 1999) to begin her
first ever tour of Europe. The singer will cover 16
markets throughout the month of January, with several
of the shows already a sell out. Her opening show in
Glasgow (January 7) sold out early on, and a second
show has been added. Reba will spend January 6th doing
press in London, before moving on to Scotland for the
opening night of the tour.

January 9th, Reba will guest on the top-rated UK TV
show "The National Lottery Draw". She will perform her
hit American single "Forever Love" from the CBS
television movie. The movie will air throughout the
UK on BSkyB's Sky Premier channel on Monday, March 1st
at 6pm.

The European tour will go through January 31st, when
Reba performs the closing night of the tour in Munich,
Germany at The Philharmonie. This tour may be the
singer's first foray into Europe on a large scale, but
is not her first internationally. In April and May of
last year, she did a highly successful tour of Australia,
and received a gold album for her special Australian
release, "Moments and Memories."