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I hope everyone had a great holiday. I sure did!

After the holidays we normally have a fairly slow January
and gradually pick up steam as the year goes along. This
year is very different from the past years because the day
after the holidays ended we were on a plane to Europe to
start our 16-city, 6-country tour. This will all be in

After flying to London for a day of press, we arrived
in Glasgow at around noon and went to the hall to do a long
sound check. The band and I have had a great 3-week break
for the holidays so it was great to get back together and
sing again. After three weeks off, we didn't know how well
we would remember the songs. On this holiday I completely
got away and spent the whole time enjoying my family. Playing
3 to 4 shows a week last year, and then completely getting
away and not thinking about the show at all, really tests the
memory. It's amazing how quickly it all comes back.

I was very nervous about last night's show in Glasgow. Our
show was sold-out but I had no idea whether the audience knew
any of my songs or how they would react. That is the most
difficult fear to overcome when we go to a new country. When
the band started the first song and I walked on stage, they
immediately made me feel at home and the audience was so
gracious. It's amazing to me how many of the audiences here
are following country music through many different ways.
They are very hungry for country music and get information
on artists through the Internet and any other means possible.
The country radio stations here are very supportive but they
are small. We are very fortunate, in the United States, to
have such great radio stations that have such large coverage.

We will play our second sold-out show here in Glasgow tonight
and I can't wait to get on stage! In the morning we fly to
London for a National TV show, tomorrow evening, and then on
to Edinburgh, Scotland where we have another sold-out show
on Sunday. I had no idea the response here would be this
wonderful. After Sunday's show we head to Ireland for shows
in Belfast and Dublin which will be a lot of fun.

I'll keep you informed on our travels and look forward to
talking to you soon.