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Well, I'm sitting here in Los Angles in the dressing room at the Jay
Leno Show getting ready to sing "What Do You Say". We finished playing
4 nights at the Las Vegas Hilton and flew to Los Angles after the last

I'll be doing several different TV shows over the next couple of weeks
talking about the new CD's and the movie "Secret Of Giving." The
Christmas CD with the same title has been out for two months and the
new CD, "So Good Together," hits the stores on November the 23rd. The
movie will air on Thanksgiving night at 9:00 PM Eastern Time on CBS.

This year has been a whirlwind of a year. We started the year off by
doing 17 shows in Europe. After returning we started playing shows in
the USA and developing the script for "Secret Of Giving". In May we
went back to Europe to perform for the troops in Naples, Italy and do
another show in the Royal Albert Hall in London. When we returned from
Europe, I started filming "Secret Of Giving" in Vancouver, B.C. This
summer we played some of the biggest festivals and fairs in the
country. I hadn't played these types of events in several years and
forgot how much fun it is to be outside on a stage in front of up to
50,000 people.

This summer, just before finishing the new CD, I got the opportunity to
record a duet with a duo from Brazil by the name of Chitaozinho &
Xororo. They are a very popular duo with 30,000,000 records sold in
Brazil. They had heard the song that Brooks & Dunn and I had recorded,
"If You See Him", and asked if I would be interested in recording a
song with them. I was thrilled. We decided on the song "We're All
Alone" which was previously recorded by Rita Cooledge. I sang my part
in English and they sang their part in Portuguese for both of our
Brazilian CD releases. We did another version with them doing their
part in Spanish with me singing in English that will be included in my
release in the USA.

When the song was finished, they gave me the great news that our duet
would be the first single from their CD in Brazil. They asked if I
would come to Brazil to do some TV shows and do a video. I was so
excited because I've always wanted to travel to Brazil. It was a great
experience. I haven't seen how the video turned out but it was shot by
one of the most famous Brazilian directors. It will air in Brazil and
may be released to CMT in the USA.

While the movie and summer tour was going on, we were in pre-production
meetings for "The Singer's Diary". Once the summer tour was over, we
went into full production rehearsals for "The Singer's Diary" show
which has been very challenging and rewarding. Opening night was
September 29th, in Tampa, Florida. I have had a great time performing
"The Singer's Diary." The first half of the show is a play chronicling
my life and career beginning in 1974 up to the present. The second half
is a full-blown concert with the dancers and all the things I've loved
doing in concert over the years. This tour will continue through the
year of 2000. I hope we will be coming to a city near you.

We will depart for Australia after we have Thanksgiving with our
families. The Australian tour will begin on December 4th and we will
finish our year in Australia on December 20th.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the movie!! Talk to you