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December 14, 1999
Brisbane, Australia

Today was cloudy but it never rained. Narvel and I worked on the
computer while Shelby did school work this morning. Shelby and the
grandparents headed out for another sightseeing tour. They toured
Lamington National Park, Surfers Paradise and the coastline from
Coolangatta to Moreton Bay. Moreton Bay Bugs are Shelby's new favorite
food. For those of you outside of Australia, Moreton Bay Bugs are a
little like lobster and a little like crabs. Shelby also got to do the
Treetop Walk, which is a swinging bridge above a 200-ft. gorge.

Narvel and I headed into town to try to do some Christmas shopping.
We're running out of time so we are trying to get caught up before we
head home. We don't arrive back in Tennessee until the 23rd of
and after being jet lagged, I'm not sure that we will feel like heading
to the shopping malls when we return.

We had a show tonight in Toowoomba. That's about a two-hour drive west
of Brisbane. The drive was beautiful. It reminded us a lot of parts of
Colorado and Montana. We performed in the Empire Theater. It is an
theater that has been recently restored. It was beautiful. The city
Toowoomba sits on top of a hill. We have another show there tomorrow
night and we plan to drive up a little earlier so we can see more of

I'm writing this letter in the back of the van riding back to Brisbane.

The roads are a little rough so typing is a little difficult. We're
arriving at the hotel and I'm tired so I'll talk to you tomorrow.