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December 15, 1999
Brisbane, Australia

The day started with Shelby doing his schoolwork. Then the family went
on a sightseeing tour to Noosa and the Sunshine Coast Region. Noosa is
a sleepy little town two hours north of Brisbane that reminded us a
little of Carmel, California. The beaches were beautiful and we had
lunch at a restaurant that over looked the beach. When we were half
through with our lunch, it started to rain.

We had to cut our tour short so we could get back to the hotel in time
to get ready for the 2 hour drive to Toowoomba for the show. Scott,
driver, had been up since 5:30am because he doubles as an undercover
agent for the police. He captured a bank robber that had been released
from prison for 18 months. He even made the morning news.

The drive was a pretty one. We saw lots of cattle, emu, and good
grazing land. The sunset was beautiful.

When we got to the venue, we ate dinner in catering and I went to get
ready for the show. Troy Casser Daily opened the show again tonight
did a great job. He's very popular in the country music industry down
here. The crowd really liked him.

After the show, a couple of friends of Susie and Paul's, my sister and
her husband, Roz and Allan Flood from Warwick came back to say hi.
also rodeo like my family and both competed in the Australian National
Finals last week and did very well.

Shelby had been hanging out with the dancers so he asked to ride on the
bus with the band and dancers back to Brisbane. He has had a great
out on this tour. What a lucky guy! I sure am glad he, Mama, Daddy,
Gloria, and Narvel, Narvel's parents, came out with us. It sure has
been fun.

On the trip back to Brisbane after the show, we got out of town away
from the lights and stopped along side of the road and got out to look
at the stars. They are so different from the ones on our side of the
world in the U.S. They seem to go from horizon to horizon and so

Then I talked Scott, out driver, into stopping at a McDonalds about 30
minutes out of Toowoomba to get something to eat. Shelby will be
disappointed that he didn't ride with us.

So ends another great day in Australia.

Good Day Mate!