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December 17, 1999
Brisbane & Townsville, Australia

Our day today consisted of traveling! We packed up and left our hotel
in Brisbane and as we were closing our door to the van, Daddy's cousin,
Bev McEntire McMillian knocked on the window. We visited a little more
and then said our good-byes. Bev and her family are sailing around the
world in their boat and the last time we were in New Zealand, they were
in Auckland, New Zealand. A year and a half later, we're in Brisbane
and here they are too! It sure was good to see family but unusual that
it was half way around the world from where we live!

Mama sat by me on the plane to Townsville and filled me in on a lot of
what I didn't know about her Daddy's family and his growing up years.
It's funny how little I know about my ancestors even after writing my
autobiography. He had a very interesting life.

Townsville reminds us all a little of Florida, very tropical, hot and
humid. Since we're on tour at Christmas time, we missed our annual
Starstruck Christmas Party. So the folks at the office had a Christmas
lunch in Nashville and the band, crew, dancers and our family members
had Christmas dinner here in Australia.

Then we took a boat ride after dinner and had a great time visiting,
telling road stories and dancing.

It was a special night. Brian Leedham, my production manager, ended
dinner with a toast to a wonderful, eventful year. The toast was to
successfully touring Europe, United States, Brazil and Australia,
recording two albums and the making of two movies all starting January
4th, 1999.

What fun we've had! Thanks to all of you reading this for supporting
in what I love to do!

From Townsville, Australia,
Good Day, Mate!

Love to you all,