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December 18, 1999 Saturday
Townsville, Australia

We got to sleep in this morning. Shelby did his school work and then we
were off to learn about the town of Townsville. Townsville housed the
Australian Air force Base Headquarters during WW II. We saw the Old
Quarantine Station building where immigrants had to clear before
entering the country. We went up Castle Hill and had a panoramic view
the city.

Being just about toured out, (I think we know more about Australia than
we do the United States!), we came back to the hotel and had lunch.
Shelby had one last report to do for his music class, so we went back
the room and he finished that. Then out to the pool!!! The weather is
very tropical here, the sun is hot but the breeze is cool! So Mama and
sat out by the pool and visited while Shelby swam with Mark, one of my
dancers, and Jenifer, my fiddle player.

A lot of the dancers, band, Jake and Sandi went out snorkeling and
diving out at the Great Barrier Reef. They had a great time!

The show went great! We had another wonderful audience.

We got back to the hotel and told our parent's goodbye, they head back
first thing in the morning. They had a wonderful time in Australia. A
trip they will never forget.

Talk to you tomorrow,