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December 7, 1999 Monday

Adelaide, Australia

It was another fast paced day for us, of course, it always is on a day
off. That’s the way we operate. We work hard and we play hard!

Shelby got up the earliest because he had his schoolwork to do. I
ordered us breakfast in the meantime and then we all got ready and met
the grandparents and friends downstairs for our sight seeing tour that
started at 10am.

What made this so unusual, was that we toured today in two 1955
They were in great shape and looked too cool! We took in the sights on
our way to the Fox Creek winery where we sampled a few of the local
wines of Adelaide. They were all very good. Then before leaving,
Shelby and I got our picture taken in front of the sign at the winery.

Then we went on to lunch. It was great food with great company. The
had everything from pheasant, which I had, to swordfish, steak,
which is pasta, with mushrooms and everything in between. With
soup to start with and a wide variety of desserts to choose from, we
waddled back to our cars for the trip back into town.

My daddy had said earlier that he wanted to buy a bullwhip to take back
home for his grandson. So we went to the R.M. Williams’s store and
museum and looked around a bit. Daddy found the bullwhips and also saw
the price! They ranged from $194.00 to $395.00. Daddy gave a startled
look and said, "I wouldn’t give that if I had to buy the Grandson!"
had the store in a belly laugh especially those who know my Daddy! He’s
such a character!

We did make it out of the store with belts, shirts and a knife for
Shelby that was bought by his grandparents as a Christmas present.

We had time for a quick nap and to get ready to go get a bite of supper
and then it was on to the venue for the show. For some reason
unbeknownst to me, the opening act hadn’t shown up yet. The show
at 8pm and it was already 7:45pm. So Narvel let me know to be ready
in case they didn’t show up. Eight o’clock came and There was no
act. So I was ready to go to the stage when Jake, my tour manager, let
us know over the radio that someone had been called in to fill the spot
for the opening act. His name was Roland Powell and he had just gotten
back from recording in Nashville with some folks all of us knew. You
talk about a small world! Thanks Roland for helping us out!

So even though the show started a little late, it came off without a
hitch! The audience was very responsive and attentive. We all had a
great time. This was our second time to perform in Adelaide and I sure
hope it won’t be our last.

We all met in the bar at the hotel for drinks and some sandwiches and
recap a wonderful day. After that, it was back to our rooms to pack up
and get ready to fly to Sydney tomorrow morning.

So we’ll see you tomorrow.

Thanks for taking this journey with me,