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Sydney & New Castle, Australia

Hi to everyone!

I woke up in Sydney and had 3 phone interviews to do this morning.
The family took off to go sightseeing again. They were off to see the
wildlife and see some aboriginal carvings.

After a wonderful lunch at the hotel, Narvel, Sandi and I headed over
to Foxtel TV for the John Laws Television Talk Show. I always enjoy
visiting with John, it was great to see him again.

Before we left, I got to meet Kasey Chambers, who won Country Album of
the year at the Australia Recording Industry Awards. So we got to
visit a little and I got to take a picture with her.

We went back to the hotel about the same time that our family was
returning from their sightseeing tour. We talked for a few minutes
and then told them bye because we hopped back in the van and headed north
to New Castle for our show.

It took us two and half-hours to drive up there and the scenery was
lovely. The show was a lot of fun. It was in a theatre with a very
small stage. The dancers and I were a little closer together at times but
we made it through all the dance numbers without any serious casualties!

The audience was very attentive and responsive. I sure did appreciate

The drive back to Sydney was quicker because there was less traffic.
We got back to the hotel about 1 AM and Shelby was sound asleep.

I have an interview in the morning but the rest of the day is off.
I've been polishing my credit cards for a shopping trip. I can't wait.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.