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    Mary is very very special to me. She is the friend I've dreamed of having all my life. She has been an answer to a prayer in so many many ways. She is truly my soul sister!  Even though we are far apart physically, in spirit we are eternally close to each other! We will always share a special bond.


Click here to visit a special page I created for Mary!


To Mary...


You are the sister I never had. You are the friend I've always dreamed of having! You are always there for me. Even though many miles separate us our hearts are eternally bonded in love and friendship. Miles and distance can never change that. I know that God brought you and I together and I know God has reason for it.  You will always be my best friend, Reba buddy, etc. But most of all you will always be my special sister!  I love you, Mary! Never ever forget that!