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Old Dummy Bill

Old Dummy Bill
The wind blew cold that winter, when old Dummy came to
town. And the folk there in that village, welcomed
Dummy with a frown. They could see that he was
different, when he staggered down the hill. He was old
and he was deaf, so they named him Dummy Bill. He had
a nap-sack on his back, and rags upon his feet. And
kids all poked fun at him, as he hobbled down the
street. Snow fell light that evening, and the
temperature was cold. The town folk shunned this
ragged man -- This stranger deaf and old. He spent the
winter in that town, and slept in barns and sheds. But
there was not a soul around, that would offer Bill a
bed. It was hard for that old man, to try to make ends
meet. As he scrapped out bottles and cans from dump
sites on the street. When the town folk saw him
coming, everyone would frown. 'Cause the old man was
different, they thought he should leave town. Well,
everybody needs a home -- Including Dummy bill. Be it
in a cow-barn, or mansion on a hill.
In the spring Bill packed his nap-sack and walked out
in the street. And started walking out of town, 'cause
again, he'd met defeat. A young man living out of
town, by the name of Tyler Gray, Could see old Bill a
walking from a half a mile away.
He motioned Bill into his yard and pointed to a shed.
Bill finally found himself a home, with a table,
stove, and bed. Well, spring turned into summer, and
fall was getting near. Young Tyler got to know old
Bill, 'cause he worked with Bill that year. Bill
plowed Ty's field, and chopped Ty's wood, then helpedTy haul his hay.
Because young Ty had helped old Bill....Bill showed
Ty, he'd pay. One chilly night when it was calm -- Old
Dummy Bill awoke. He hurried out into the night
because he could smell smoke. He ran upon the front
porch and banged on Tylers door, But no one answered
old Bill's knock, so he banged it just once more. Then
he reached down upon the door and turned a knob of
brass. But when he found the door was locked, he broke
out all the glass. He ran inside, but couldn't see the
room for all the smoke. Then he stumbled in the
children's room, and he began to choke. He grabbed two
boys out of their bed and tuck them to his ribs. And
then he grabbed a baby girl and pulled her from her
crib. He took the children from the house into the air
so pure. And then he laid the children down and ran
back through the door. He banged around, until he
found young Ty and Tyler's wife. With great strength
he carried them out side and saved their life. When he
found they were OK, he sit and bowed his head.
Because old Dummy's heart had stopped. Yes -- Dummy
Bill was dead. The whole town came to aid poor Ty,
help his sweet young wife. They tried to praise the
gray-haired man, that saved the family's life. It was
too late, he didn't know, that he was loved by all. So
God gave Bill a better home, when the fire burned that
fall. Now if someone is different, don't turn that
soul away -- 'Cause they may be like Dummy Bill, and save your life

So remember be careful and don't make snap judgements.
Don't judge a book by it's cover. If you do, you may miss
something wonderful.  
Look with your heart, not your eyes.