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This is a wonderfully inspiring, uplifting read. Reba lets us in on her family and gives us a taste of what it's living with her family. A special treat for any Reba fan! Reba gives us messages of hope, happiness, love, and compassion in this book. If you've ever wanted advice from Reba, here is a good place to look. Reba is the ultimate role model and with this book she proves it yet again. With this book, Reba gives us a chance to get close to her. No other celebrity has given us this kind of intimacy. Reba is truly one of a kind and truly one of the greats! This book reminds us how truly special Reba is. If you didn't know Reba before you read this book , you sure will after. I invite you to let Reba into your life through this book. I guarantee, you won't be sorry!

HUSH by Mark Nykanen

This is a chilling mystery tale of a woman art therapist who is trying to reach out to a terrified little boy who doesn't speak. But through his drawings he speaks volumes. Celia Griswold is the art therapist who is desparetly trying to break this little boys silence. Davey is the boy so abused, so terrified, that he has been driven to silence. Then we have Davey's father, a seemingly caring man on the outside but what is lurking on the inside? The adventure Celia embarks on when she takes Davey's case is one she'll never forget!
This is a book that is a good read for those of you who like thrillers. I would not reccommend it for young readers however, as it is very graphical. But I do guarantee that the adult reader will have a tough time putting this one down.

ILL WIND by Nevada Barr

This is a must read for any nature lover. Nevada Barr is vividly accurate in her descriptions of the wildlife and plantlife of each of the national parks she takes us through. She is a terrific mystery writer also. Put these two qualities together and you get a fantastic combination. Ill Wind takes place at Mesa Verde National Park. It seems that someone or something is making the tourists sick and even killing some. Anne Pigeon takes on the case and is soon up to her neck in a boiling mystery. I highly reccomend this book and all of the Anne Pigeon mysteries. Definite must reads! Check out Superior Death, and Track of the Cat also by Nevada Barr!

TITAN by Stephan Baxter

Is there life on Titan, one of Saturn's moons? Paula Benacerraf and her ragtag group of astronaunts want to find out. So they redesign the space shuttle and build habitate modules for the long journey to Saturn. The science in this book is accurate and vivid. It is a long read but well worth it. You will be taken on a journey where no man has gone before! So hop aboard the Discovery and take the trip of a lifetime!




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