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Here is a list of some of the characters you will encounter in the Hoyle Classic games!

You will meet Anna in Hoyle Casino 4. She is a serious gambler and plays to win!

You will meet Bart in Casino 4, Card Games, Board Games, and some of the other card casino games. He is southern born and bred. Don't let his southern accent fool you, he plays to win.

You will meet Carlos in Casino 4. Athough he is as latin as they come his dream is to be like Bart and be a Texas oil barren or something like that.

Elayne is from Brooklyn and is as tough as any Brooklynite. She also loves to shop! You will meet her in Card Games, Board Games, Word Games, Casino 4, among others.

Ethel is a wonderful grandmotherly figure. She's always calling you sweetie and such. But don't let the gentle exterior fool you. She's one tough cookie! You will meet her in Casino 4, Board Games, Word Games, Card Games, to name a few.

Gax is an alien Elvis-wantabe. He is one of those aliens that morphes into whatever the moment calls for. Believe me this alien will keep you entertained! Meet Gax in Word Games, Board Games, and Card Games!

This is one character I don't know much about. You will meet him Kids Games.

Have you read your how to deal with bear attacks pamphlets? Harley is your typical bear. Honey loving and fun loving! You will meet him in Card Games, Board Games, and Word Games!

Jasper the Jamaican gamer! He's quiet but quite a player! Meet him in Casino 4,Board Games, Card Games, and Word Games.

She's slinky and seductive but she's also a blond! Enough said! Meet her in Casino 4.

If Ethel is the grandmotherly type, that makes Leo the grandfatherly type. Athough it's difficult for Leo to stay awake at the game tables, he tries. When he's not napping he's a competitor.Meet him in Casino 4.

As big as a dinosaur and sometimes as dumb, Marvin keeps you smiling. Meet Him in Card Games and Board Games.

The Ragin' Cajin! That's Maurice! With is cajin accent and his furry beaver friend, Maurice is surefire entertainment! Meet him in Card Games and Board Games!

Penny is a beautiful horse character. You will meet her in Kids' Games!

Pepper is a dalmation pup! Meet her in Kids' Games!

Rebecca is a rootin' tootin' Cowgirl! She loves to gamble! Meet her in Casino 4!

Rick is sharp-witted masculine type player! His one-liners keep you constantly entertained! Meet him in Board Games, Card Games, Word Games, and Casino 4!

Roswell is by far my favorite Hoyle character! I love his alien sense of humor! He's lovable and funny! Meet him in Board Games, Card Games, and Word Games!

A pirate through and through, Captain Scurvy is a sharp-tongued parrot! Where is his master? Who knows! But Scurvy is busy having fun playing Hoyle games! Meet Scurvy in Word Games!

Ms. Tardee is your typical school teacher! She is excellent at word games! Meet her in Word Games!