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    Danielle is a wonderfully sweet young lady who has put a lot of work into making this website better! She has spent literally hours typing lyrics for this website. We have her to thank for the comprehensive list of Reba lyrics! She is also typing lyrics for my pages on other celebrities! What a super duper young lady!

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My Personal Thanks to Danielle...



I cannot thank you enough for all you've done for my website. You truly have helped me make my website the way my visitors want it to be. I know they are appreciative of you too.  You have helped my my website richer and better. I know how many long hours it takes to type and get the lyrics ready to go. I can never repay you for the time you've given me. Time is truly a precious gift!  You have been a good and dedicated friend to me. I'm am truly blessed that I met you. God has done a great job of surrounding me with great people such as you.  Thank you again, my special friend!