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    Dustin is a wonderful young man. He has helped me so much with revamping and giving my pages a great new look! He knows alot more than I do about Front Page. He is very knowlegable about Website authorship. Take a look at Totally Reba and you will soon see what I mean!  Even though he has a premier website of his own he's willing to help his fellow web author.  Thanks to Dustin, Rebatized is looking better and better!



To Visit Totally Reba, click here!


My Personal Thanks to Dustin:


I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! I couldn't do it without you. And, as you know, we both couldn't do it without God! Amen!   I know that God brought us together and I thank Him so much everyday for that!   If we just trust in God, He will surround us with great people, like yourself!   Like Reba says, surround yourself with good, knowlegeable people and you can't go wrong! I am finding that I agree with that philosophy 100%!   So Dustin, thank you so very very much for being my friend, my brother in Christ, and my fellow web author! You are the greatest!

                                  Amy,the RebaGal