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April 15, 2000

On the flight from London to Los Angeles

It's been pretty fast since I last talked to you.  Right now I'm on my
way to Los Angeles to sing "We're All Alone" on the American Latino
Media Arts Awards.

We woke up in Dublin, Ireland around 7:00 AM local time and flew to
London to catch a direct flight to Los Angeles. The flight left from
London at 12:00 PM and is scheduled to land in LA at 3:10 PM Pacific
Standard Time. It's a 10 * hour flight.  When we land we have a 5:30 PM
rehearsal in Pasadena, CA. Needless to say, this will be a very long
day. We will gain 8 hours going across time zones during the flight to
LA. Shelby flew from Nashville to LA yesterday, so we are very excited
to see him. We haven't seen him since Sunday.  We film the awards show
tomorrow night and it airs the middle of June in the United States,
Central America and South America.  Narvel and Sandi are flying with 

We had a great week in London doing press, going to plays and eating at
London's best restaurants.  We went out Thursday night after a full day
of GMTV (this is similar to Good Morning America in the U.S. and Good
Morning Australia) radio and print interviews.  One of the restaurants
we got to eat at was the famous restaurant called "Nobu".  Sandi Spika,
my stylist, brought her mother and aunt over with us and it was so much
fun trying out new things to eat with them. They live in Colorado and
Montana and have had a very adventuresome attitude.  After dinner, we
went to see the play, "An Inspector Calls".  It was great!  I highly
recommend it!  

Sandi's family was leaving soon, so we had to take them to an English
pub before they left.  It was lots of fun introducing them to the 
"Guinness" beer.   

Friday morning we left London and flew to Dublin, Ireland to perform on
the "Late, Late Show" Friday night.  We'll be going back to Dublin on
the 26th to perform at the Point, which is a famous performance hall in
Dublin. This will be the first trip to the UK, Scotland, and Ireland
that we will be bringing a bigger production including our dancers.

They are beginning to serve lunch on the plane so I'll go for now so I
can eat and hopefully take a long nap.

I'll talk to you soon.