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How Blue (John Moffat)

Chorus: How Blue can you make me How long till I heal How can I go on loving you when you're gone How blue can I feel Oh honey why did you leave me Ain't you got a heart left in your chest I swear to you that I'm dying Cause my mind won't let my body rest Repeat Chorus If I sink any lower I'll go under If I cry anymore I'll go blind Oh there ain't no relief for this missing you grief How long can you torture my mind Repeat Chorus How can I go on loving you when you're gone How blue can I feel

Somebody Should Leave (Harlan Howard, Chick Rains)

It sure gets quiet When the kids go to bed We sit here in the silence Putting off what must be said I read a book you watch TV As our love dies quietly I'm so sad I don't know what I just read Chorus: Somebody should leave But which one should it be You need the kids and they need me Somebody should leave But we hate to give in We keep hoping somehow we might need each other again You say goodnight and turn and face the wall We lie here in the darkness and the tears start to fall If it was only you and me goodbye might come more easily But what about those babies down the hall Repeat Chorus x2

Have I Got A Deal For You (Michael P. Heeney, Jackson Leap)

Well you look like the kind who's got an eye for a bargain The kind of guy who likes to shop around Well I got me this old heart That I'm putting on the market And I'll make you a deal you can't turn down Chorus: Have I got a deal for you A heart that's almost like brand new And I'll let it go so cheap You'll think you stole it 'fore you're through Have I got a deal for you Well you can search the whole world over And never find another like it It's got a built in lifetime guarantee It's a one time only offer And darling once you try me You're gonna fall in love with it you'll see Repeat Chorus Well sure I'll admit that it's been used a time or two But have I got a deal for you

Only In My Mind (Reba McEntire)

Oh on a park bench in the middle of July We sat and watched the children play If it was the heat or the noise He didn't have too much to say Then with a move of his eyes A move that could have made the wind stand still He took my hand in his and said the words That I never will forget Chorus: He said have you ever cheated on me Has there been someone else Is there someone you love more than me Someone you can't forget If his memory is opened again Let it be chased away by time He said have you ever cheated on me I said only in my mind How can I tell him The time we spent together Was time between friends There's just somethings I can talk about with you That I can't just talk with him How can I tell you That somewhere in the cards it was meant for us to be Why am I blushing in front of you now Is it you or the heat Repeat Chorus Darling have you ever cheated on me And I said only in my mind Whoever's In New England will come later( a tad bit pressed for time..I need to be on the road in 5 minutes..)

Little Rock (Pat McManus, Bob DiPiero, Gerry House)

Well I'm married to the good life I said I'd be a good wife When I put on this ring I drive a new Mercedes I play tennis with the ladies I buy all the finer things But all that don't mean nothing When you can't get a good night's loving Chorus: Oh little rock Think I'm gonna have to slip you off Take a chance tonight and untie the knot There's more to life than what I've got Oh little rock You know this heart of mine just can't be bought I'm gonna find someone who really cares a lot When I slip off this little rock Well I wonder if he'll miss me He doesn't even kiss me When he comes home at night He never calls me honey But he sure loves his money And I'm the one who pays the price But when he finds this ring he'll see He keeps everything but me Repeat Chorus x2

What Am I Gonna Do About You (Doug Gilmore, Bob Simon, Jim Allison)

The kid down the street Mows the grass every week The neighbor next door fixed the roof where it leaked The jobs going fine and the bills are all paid And everyone thinks that I'm doing OK There's a guy down at work He's asked me out once or twice I haven't said yes But I'm thinking I might And on my way home I thought I saw you walk by If I only I could get you out of my mind What in the world am I gonna do about you Oh your memory keeps coming back from out of the blue Oh well I try and I've tried but I still can't believe that we're through So tell me what in the world am I gonna do about you What am I gonna do about you I went to the store But it wasn't much fun It doesn't take long when you're shopping for one And standing in line I thought I saw you walk in And that's when it started all over again Repeat Chorus Darling what am I gonna do about you

One Promise Too Late (Dave Loggins, Lisa Silver, Don Schlitz)

I would have waited forever If I'd known that you'd be here We could have shared our lives together And held each other close all through the years But I've met someone before you And my heart just couldn't wait So no matter how much I adore you I've got to stand behind the promise that I made Chorus: Where were you When I could have loved you Where were you When I gave my heart away All my life I've been dreaming of you You came along one promise too late You came along one promise too late I won't say that I'm sorry that I met you I can't have you but I never will forget you Repeat Chorus x2

Many thanks to Danielle for all the lyrics on these pages!