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WE'RE SO GOOD TOGETHER ( Annie Roboff, Bob DiPeiero, John Scott Sherrill)

How do two people like To meet I think about that Was the timing just right Was it that the night was so sweet I think about that Was it physical, chemical, what was the deal Or did some kind of magic turn out to be real CHORUS: Might be how you kiss and hold me tight When we're walkin', honey, underneath the moonlight Might be how it keeps on getting better We haven't even talked about forever I just know that we're so good together When did we cross that line And just happen to find we're in love I think about that Was it you, was it me Who could see we'd turn out to be us I think about that We could spend all our time trying to figure it out And not be any closer than we are right now Repeat Chorus x2

TIL I SAID IT TO YOU (Tom Shapiro, Sharon Vaughn, Walter Wilson)

Love is a powerful word A little word that oughta mean something Love better mean what it says Say what you mean or it doesn't mean nothing Love is a dangerous door to open If you don't feel it when it's spoken CHORUS: Sometimes I said it when I really didn't mean it Just to throw away a promise I knew wasn't true It meant a little less to me everytime I did it But I never said I love you from the heart Til I said it to you You made me tell you the truth And that truth was a total revelation I see I have it in me Now I can speak without any hesitation I love you comes so freely For the first time I believe me Repeat Chorus x2

I LIKE IT THAT WAY (Robert Jason)

I've got someone in my life Who loves me wrong or right And I like it that way He gives me room to breathe But he's there for me And I like it that way I like it that way I like the way he says me name And how he's not afraid To open up and let his feelings show He's exactly what I need He loves me honestly One look in his eyes Tells me all I need to me know When he's on overtime I get that little ache inside And I like it that way We're as close as two can be But he's still him and I'm still me And I like it that way Yeah, I like it that way

I'LL BE(Diane Warren)

When darkness falls upon your heart and soul I`ll be the light that shines for you When you forget how beautiful you are I`ll be there to remind you When you can`t find your way I`ll find my way to you When troubles come around I will come to you Chorus: I`ll be your shoulder When you need someone to lean on Be your shelter when you need someone to see you through I`ll be there to carry you I`ll be there I`ll be the rock that will be strong for you The one that will hold on to you When you feel that rain falling down When there`s no body else around I`ll be And when you`re there with no one there to hold I`ll be the arms that reach for you And when you feel your faith is running low I`ll be there to believe in you When all you find are lies I`ll be the truth you need When you need someone to run to You can run to me Chorus I`ll be the sun When your heart`s filled with rain I`ll be the one To chase the rain away

WHAT DO YOU SAY (Michael Dulaney, Neil Thrasher)

Stuck at a red light outside an adult bookstore His son said, "Daddy, what are all those X's for" As light turned green he changed the subject fast He started talkin' football as they drove right past CHORUS: What do you say in a moment like this When you can't find the words oh to tell it like it is Just bite your tongue and let your heart lead the way Let's get out of here oh what do you say Seventeen years old she was out with her friends They started drunken' at some party 'til she was three sheets to the wind Her momma always told her she can call no matter what She was cryin' on the front step when her mom showed up Repeat Chorus Sometimes you got to listen to the silence And give yourself a little time to think Her every breath is weaker than the last And lately when she sleeps she talks about the past Her husband knows she's tired of holding on She looks up at him and says I want to go home What do you say in a moment like this When you can't find the words to tell it like it is Just close your eyes and let your heart lead the way Oh what do you say

ROSES (Melba Montgomery, Leslie Satcher)

A soft summer evening, another time, another place He brought her red roses on their very first date She got carried away by the things that he said Time would erase them but she would never forget CHORUS: And the roses heard it all The rose in her hair, the rose in her hand The roses in the paper on the wall There's a story to tell if the roses could talk Somewhere close to midnight, another time, another place She lays in the darkness with tears on her face While he talks in his sleep confessing his love He calls out a name that she's never heard of Repeat Chorus She never told him She never let him see her cry Only the roses know What she kept down inside The years took their toll and the angels took her away Now there's family and friends at a cold winter's grave He kneels down and whispers. "You're the only love that I've known" As he lays a rose on a cold marble atone But the roses heard it all The rose from her garden, the rose in her Bible The roses in the paper on the wall There's a story to tell if roses could talk What a story to tell if roses could talk~

I'M NOT YOUR GIRL (Shelly Peiken, Eric Silver)

Felt so right for awhile, almost really believed I could stay here forever, my heart could be free Oh I wish it were that easy but it's never been for me I'm not your girl Feels so warm and so safe here, now don't get me wrong But it's selfish to stay here, I'd be leading you on Maybe someone else can give you what you really really want But I'm not your girl CHORUS: They say people change I wish it were true It's something I've tried so hard to do Now I can't explain why right seems so wrong And I keep hearing the same old song I'm not your girl I'm not your girl See I've been here before, left a good thing behind Can't see where I'm going, maybe love's really blind And I'm so afraid to lose the one who was so hard to find But I;m not your girl Repeat Chorus One day I'll come back here, and I'll knock on your door She'll be sweet when she answers, and I'll know for sure That life is never easy in my complicated world I'm not your girl...

SHE WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM (Dean Dillon, Leslie Satcher)

She was good at late night listening When he'd call her on the phone She was good to come and get him When he couldn't make it home She was good to make love to And they did now and then She was good to never ask When he'd be back again CHORUS: She wasn't good enough for him For his family or his friends He kept her out there on a limb Wouldn't let her go, wouldn't let her in She wasn't good enough for him She was there on his bad days And for years he led her on We all knew she had a bad case He was doing her all wrong She couldn't bring herself to do the right thing Break it off and say goodbye 'Til she overheard him one night tellin' Somebody on the side that Repeat Chorus She was good at late night listening When he'd call her on the phone


Nobody told me It could ever hurt so bad I'm having to learn the hard way Now that you're gone It's hurting me more Than any pain I've ever had And I don't know how I can go on CHORUS: Nobody dies from a broken heart Give it time, and your dreams will start again I know love can tear you apart But nobody dies from a broken heart Everyone tells me It's gonna take a little time Before you find your heartaches Slipping away I know you mean well And they're just trying to ease my mind But it doesn't help to hear them say Repeat Chorus There's nothing anybody's gonna say That'll talk me out of feeling this way There's nothing anybody else can do To take away my love for you I know they mean well And they're just trying to ease my mind It doesn't help them to hear them say Repeat Chorus

BACK BEFORE THE WAR (Dan Hill, Keith Stegall, Robin Wiley)

Stacks of paper, my name in bold print Yours right besides it on this document Too many lawyers, too many angry words So much we didn't say, so much we never heard Do you remember When I was all that you were living for Back before the war CHORUS: Back before the broken vows The shattered trust, this empty house When nothing really mattered but us Back before we climbed too high My dreams were yours, your dreams were mine back before we fell so out of touch Back before the war Children's laughter trailing down the hall Tiny footsteps, God how I miss it all It's not as simple as who's right and who's to blame How could we fly so high to be shot down in flames Do you remember When you were all that I was living for Back before the war Repeat Chorus Stacks of paper, I guess this is where we sign Strange how your signature so closely matches mine I never dreamed our love would ever come to this Avoiding each other's eyes still craving your tenderness Do you remember When love was all that we were living for Back before the war Back before the war

WHEN YOU'RE NOT TRYING TO (Tim Johnson, Rory Lee)

Let me try to explain It's not the roses or champagne That really touch my heart How can I make you see That you're the best at loving me When you don't know you are CHORUS: Baby it's the way that you reach out while you're sleepin' And gently hold my hand the whole night through It's how you listen when I'm pouring out my feelings Baby when I feel the most from you Is when you're not tryin' to You don't need to rehearse Some sweet romantic words To whisper in my ear So just forget the poetry What comes naturally Is what I long to hear Repeat Chorus It's in your eyes And in your smile In the passion of your kiss It's takin' me in your arms so easily So easily It's how you listen when I'm pourin' out my feelings Baby when I feel the most from you Is when you're not tryin' to


(Chuck Jones, Templeton Thompson) I guess I'm just one of those Who believes there has to be a reason For living and breathing Every time you pull me close Something tells me there'll be no more reaching You're everything I'm needing Oh, I don't know how it happened, I never thought I would Find someone to complete me Oh, I just can't explain it, this feeling that I get Oh, ain't no way to name it, but I'm thinking baby CHORUS: Maybe it's the way you look at me Like there'll never be another I get swept away, baby when We get so caught up in each other I don't know where you end and I begin Where you end and I begin All it takes is just one kiss I just wanna get lost in this emotion Like the river and the ocean Oh, when you wrap your arms around me, it happens every time Time don't seem to matter We'll always be together, I don't know what it is That tells me it's forever but I'm thinking baby Repeat Chorus


Reba Outside the rain begins and it may never end. So cry no more on the shore a dream will take us out to sea. Forevermore, forevermore. Close your eyes and dream and you can be with me. Neath the waves, through the caves of hours. Long forgotten now. Chorus We're all alone, we're all alone. Close the window, calm the lights and it will be allright. No need to bother now. Let it out, let it all begin. And learn how to pretend. Jose and Durval Repetido ya. Lo antiguo pasara. Fue amor, amantes y dolor. Con el viento al volor. Abracame. O abracame. Sin mirar vuelve a vivir. Ambos sonando asi. Sin importarnos mas. Deja ya, regresa a vivir. Empieza a disfrutar. Solo yo, sola tu. Reba Close the window, calm the lights. Jose and Durval Ambos sonando asi. Sin importarnos mas. Reba Let it out, let it all begin. Jose and Durval Empieza na disfrutar amor. Reba Hold me dear. All's forgotten now. My love. Jose and Durval Olvidados ya.

Thank you, Danielle for the lyrics on these pages!