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April 10, 2000

Trip to England April 10, 2000 Our second trip to London for this year started off with a night of entertainment. We landed in London at 5:30pm and after we checked into the hotel, we headed for the theatre. We saw a play we hadn't heard of called, "Whistle Down the Wind". It was a wonderful surprise because it was very good with great actors, singers, scenery and orchestration. Because it was only 5 o'clock in the afternoon at home, we were starving when we got out of the play! So we went back to the hotel and had a late dinner. The food here in London is wonderful. So many different kinds of food, anything you wish for is here. The next day we had a full schedule with the taping of the TV special "Stars Sing The Beatles". The other acts on the show were Englebert Humperdink, Sid Owen, Rebecca Weatley, Trisha Penrose, Anna Ford and the band A1. Jayne McDonald hosted the show. It will be aired on the BBC 1, Saturday April the 29th. I performed one of my favorite Beatles songs, "If I Fell". I chose this song because when I was growing up my older brother, younger sister and I were a trio called the Singing McEntires. The harmonies in "If I Fell" reminded me of the songs we sang growing up. We didn't get finished with the taping until 11 PM so after the show we headed to one of our favorite restaurants in London, Mr. Chow's. It was amazing how many people were in the restaurant at that time of the night. The food was wonderful, as usual! Today, we are back at the BBC studios taping the TV show "Dale's All Stars". Iain Snodgrass from Universal Music UK has just walked in my dressing room here at the BBC studios and has presented me with the HMV British Country Music Award for International Female Vocalist for 2000. I'd like to thank everyone for this award. I'm very honored to receive it once again. We rehearsed my song for the show, "What Do You Say?" and then went to eat lunch. We came back and waited in the dressing room until they called me for my interview portion of the show. Love, Reba