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If I Could Live Your Life (A Duet With Reba McEntire) (Mark D. Sanders, Tim Nichols)

Linda: You jet from coast to coast Dressed in designer clothes When you appear somewhere Your chauffeur drives you there I wouldn't think twice If I could live your life Reba: You see your friends at the store Your sister lives next door You kiss your babies goodnight Your husband's there at your side I'd love to give it a try If I could live your life Chorus: Both: If I could trade places with you Linda: Hear the roar of the crowd Reba: And the church bells in a quiet town Both: Just for one moment in time I wonder what this world would be like If I could live your life _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Linda: Saw your picture in "People" today Reba: And I see you're in the PTA Linda: You're living everyone's dream Reba: It isn't all that it seems Both: Wouldn't it be nice If I could live your life Repeat Chorus (Reba only sings last line "If I could live your life" Linda: If I could live your life Both: If I could live your life

This duet is found on Linda Davis's album called "Some Things Are Mean't To Be.

I'd like to thank Danielle for the lyrics on these pages!