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(Band plays, curtain rises, people clap and cheer)

So, So, So Long (S. Alan Taylor, Lisa Palas)

You know it seems like I've loved you forever Who could be closer than you and I People even say we're so much alike But they don't know I've Chorus: Been lovin' you so long that I know every move you make And every breath you take What I feel is so strong Sometimes I don't know where I end and where you begin And you make me so happy feelin' like this There's so much ahead that I don't wanna miss Oh I wanna keep it so good So, so, so long So good, so real, and so right oh I wanna keep it so good so so so long yeah yeah yeah Oh darlin' don't think for a minute Time could ever steal the thrill away You've still got the power to be my man You know you can Repeat Chorus Oh I wanna keep it so good So so so long So good So fine So real So right So, so, so long So, so, so long

One Promise Too Late (D. Loggins, L. Silver, D. Schlitz)

I would have waited forever If I'd known that you'd be here And we could have shared our lives together And held each other close all through the years But I met someone before you And my heart just couldn't wait So no matter how much I adore you I've got to stand behind the promise that I made Chorus: Where were you When I could have loved you Where were you When I gave my heart away All my life Baby I've been dreamin' of you But you came along One promise too late You came along One promise too late I won't say That I'm sorry that I met you I can't have you But I never will forget you Repeat Chorus x2 There ya go! Get them hands together! There ya go! Oh yeah!

Let The Music Lift You Up (Troy Seals, Eddie Setser)

Well you say you're from the city California is your home Hey I'm a country girl Over Oklahoma way Oh there's miles and miles between us But that don't mean a thing When those guitars start to play Oh sweet sounds of freedom Ringing through the air Sending out a message to us all We don't have a curtain Made of iron or stone We are not divided by a wall Chorus: So come on tell me Hey, hey, hey From L.A. to Broadway Hey, hey, hey Let the music lift you up Hey, hey, hey, Whoa everybody's singin' Hey, hey, hey, Let the music lift you up When you're feelin' low Hit that radio Let the music lift you Let the music lift you Up, way up, way up There are books that tell us What makes this whole world turn And how heaven holds the star wars But there's no explanation Lord it's still a mystery How a song can touch your heart Repeat Chorus Let the music lift you Let the music lift you Up, way up, way up Thank you very much! Oh you all are nice! My name is Reba McEntire, and we are tickled to pieces that you all came out to see our show tonight! Everybody having a good time so far huh? Well we've got our 1989 show here for you tonight! And as you know we're cutting a brand new live album. We've never done that before and we want you to know that we're very happy that you're being a part of it tonight. Now as we're having fun and you're having so much fun so far, \ there's only one thing I want you to do for me right. Now Ya'll ready for this? I want you to sit back, relax, and help me out with this song. C'mon!

Little Rock (P. McManus, B. DiPiero, G. House)

Well I married to the good life I said I'd be a good wife When I put on this ring I drive a new Mercedes I play tennis with the ladies I buy all the finer things But all that don't mean nothin' When ya can't get a good night's lovin' Chorus: Little rock Think I'm gonna have to slip you off Take a chance tonight and untie the knot There's more to life than what I've got Little rock You know this heart of mine just can't be bought I'm gonna find someone who really cares a lot When I slip off this little rock Well I wonder if he'll miss me He doesn't even kiss me When he comes home at night He never calls me honey But he sure loves his money And I'm the one who pays the price But when he finds this ring he'll see He keeps everything but me Repeat Chorus x2

New Fool At An Old Game (S. Bogard, R. Giles, S. Stephen)

You sure know what you're doin' Holdin' me this way And I'll go where you lead me Anywhere you say You've got me where you want me So darlin' please be kind Before you take it all And I make that final fall You've got to keep in mind Chorus: That I'm a new fool At an old game A kid outta school Tryin' to find my way But I don't know the rules Teach me how to play I'm just a new fool At an old game Maybe I'm a dreamer Maybe I'm naive But when you say you love me I start to believe That gold can turn to diamonds And this night will never end But if it isn't so And I cry when you go Repeat Chorus Thank you very much! This next song is a song I selected, because I knew you girls would like it. Yeah it's one of them tear jerkers. Maybe you can relate to this one.

Little Girl (Kendal Franceschi, Quentin Powers)

Daddy used to tell me If I ran too fast I'd fall and hurt myself But the ice cream man would ring his bell And I'd get there before anyone else I'd see a puppy in the window An I'd run and press my face against the pane And daddy'd say slow down girl After all these years I guess nothing has changed Chorus: That little girl I knew Ran after you But she fell this time And broke her heart in two Ain't that just like a little girl I knew Back home there stands an old house With a picket fence Beneath a big ol' tree I can almost see the backyard And the little girl with freckles That was me There were dreams of toys and storybooks And lord it seemed I wanted them so bad Well twenty years have come and gone And I'm still chasin' things that I can't have Repeat Chorus Guess I'm still that little girl Daddy I still haven't learned to slow down yet I'm very proud of the folks behind me. Very very proud of them. They're doing a good job aren't they? I'm so proud of them I'd like for you to meet them right now. Would you please say hi to my saxophone player Mr. Joe McGlohon! And my fiddle player Mr. Glen Duncan! And my beautiful harmony singer Miss Suzy Wills! Playing bass guitar for me Mr. Steve Marshall! And on the drums Mr. Vic Mastriani! And on the electric guitar Mr. Michael Thomas! And my musical director also playing keyboards Mr. Kirk Capello! Ya'll I did this next song an album, on an album, a long, long time ago. I liked it then, but I absolutely love it now cause this is a song I turn em loose on! See what you think about it.

Can't Stop Now (Gary Nicholson, Wendy Waldman)

I can't say I didn't know what I was doin' I can't pretend things just got outta hand I shoulda kept my distance While I was still strong But I got caught up in the feelin' Carried along and it's Too late baby I can't stop now Well I walked right in with my eyes wide open (I did) And I was blind when you told me You'd be mine just as soon as you were free I should have kept my distance While I was still strong But I got caught up in the feelin' Carried along and it's Too late baby I can't stop now Can't stop now Crazy heart's runnin' outta control Can't stop now And I'll be falling apart somewhere down the road I might be headed for a breakdown But I can't stop now Glen!

Sunday Kind Of Love (B. Belle, L. Prima, A. Leonard, S. Rhodes)

I want a Sunday kind of love A love to last past Saturday night And I'd like to know it's more than love at first sight I want a Sunday kind of love oh yeah I want a love that's on the square Can't seem to find somebody someone to care And I'm on a lonely road that leads to nowhere I need a Sunday kind of love Chorus: I do all my Sunday dreaming And all my Sunday scheming Every minute, every hour, every day And I'm hopin' to discover A certain kind of lover Who will show me the way And my arms need someone to enfold To help keep me warm When Mondays, and Tuesdays grow cold And I need a love for all my life To have and to hold I need a Sunday kind of love Repeat Chorus I don't want a Monday or a Tuesday A Wednesday or a Thursday Friday or Saturday I don't want nothin' baby I want a Sunday kind of love Thank you very much! You know that song was first recorded in 1947. Lot of folks have recorded it since that time including me. Matter of fact that was my very first single off my latest album called Reba. Right now if it's OK with ya'll, we'd like to do the second single off of that album. Oh and it's a sad one too

I Know How He Feels (Rick Bowles, Will Robinson)

When I heard that familiar voice My heart stopped dead in it's tracks Across the room I could see him there A ghost from my past But he's too caught up to notice me She must be his new love I never dreamed that it would hurt this much It's just Chorus: I know how he feels How warm his touch is Oh how he feels How soft his kiss is And it cuts right down to the bone 'Cause I let him go I know how he cares How strong his love can be When he believes it's real Oh I've been there And I know how he feels As long as I kept him outta sight I kept from going out of my mind Tried to believe that leavin' him Was somehow justified But tonight there's no denying What a love like his is worth He once looked at me The way he's looking at her What a lucky girl Repeat Chorus

Whoever's In New England (Kendal Franceschi, Quentin Powers)

You spend an awful lot fo time in Massachusetts Seems like every other week You've got a meeting waiting there Business must be booming Or could somthing else Be moving in the air up there You say that it's important for our future An executive on his way up has got to play the part And each time duty calls You've got to give it all You've got with all your heart Chorus: When whoever's in New England's through with you And Boston finds better things to do Oh you know it's not to late And you'll always have a place to come back to When whoever's in New England's through with you I hear the winter time up North can last forever And I've been told it's beautiful To see this time of year And they say the snow can blind you Till the world you left behind Just disappears, I hear I packed your bags and I left them in the hallway But before you go There's just one thing you outta know When the icy wind blows through you Remember that it's me Who feels the cold most of all Repeat Chorus Thank you, thank you very much! Ya know a while ago I was telling you about the new album Sweet Sixteen. I named it Sweet Sixteen because, I kinda put the two together, my music and my life. Because when I recorded my first album back in 1977, my first single was in 76. When the album came out in 77, I compared it to my growing up. I was a baby in the music business. And then as the albums came out year after year, I kept putting out another one another one. I would mature slowly. Learn a little bit each time. I went through the rebellious times. I went through the experimental times. Just like kids do. And now at my 16th album, I find that I'm a teenager all over again. But I also realize that I've got a lot to learn and I'm looking forward to that too in the albums to come. This being the 16th album, I thought being a teenager again, it be kind of neat to do a song that I loved as a teenager and before. Matter of fact we just got through doing a video for this song. It's an old western now. Bruce Boxleittner is the man in my life, in this video. Don't get this wrong everybody. I don't want this in Enquirerer tomorrow. But Bruce Boxlettner is in the video, and he plays Cathy's Clown, the old Everly Brothers' tune. It's our very first single off the new album. We hope you like it as much as we love it

Cathy's Clown (Don Everly)

Chorus: I want your lovin' More and more I want you kisses That's for sure I die each time I hear the sound There's sayin' Here he comes He's Cathy's clown You know you've gotta stand tall You know a man can't crawl And when you let her tell you lies And you let 'em pass you by You're not a man at all She don't want your lovin' Anymore She don't want your kisses That's for sure Why do you let them put you down And let 'em call you Cathy's clown When you see me shed a tear Then you know that I'm sincere I just think it's kinda sad That she's treatin' you so bad And I'm the one who cares Repeat Chorus You're Cathy's clown You're Cathy's clown Now this is a love song. And I like to sing love songs cause it always puts ya in a good mood. So if you're here with someone tonight who's pretty special to ya, why don't you look over at em and say darling this one's for you.

You Must Really Love Me (Don Schlitz, Reba McEntire)

Tell me why do you put up with my foolish ways You never take to heart the crazy things I say Oh I know that you could walk out on me anyday There must be a darn good reason Why you'd even wanna stay Chorus: And you must really love me How can it be true There are things you'll take from me I won't even take from you And every time I fall apart You always pull me through You must really love me As much as I love you You must really love me As much as I love you I appreciate the honesty you've shown to me And the way you tell your friends that you belong to me And when you hold me tight you always set me free Oh this must be the way That true love was meant to be Repeat Chorus I'm very happy to say Suzy Wills cowrote this next song. And this is one song we're gonna feature Suzy on also.

Somebody Up There Likes Me (Suzy Wills, Bill Cooley)

I can't get used to the hustle I try to keep my actions straight I get caught in the bustle I do things I really hate Just when I think I'm a sinkin' I hear a voice inside my head Says don't do what you're thinkin' Send your thoughts to me instead Chorus: Somebody up there likes me Somebody up there knows what I need And when my wordly head spins around He sends his love down You know I'm only human That's what I always say It's just excuses So I can do things my own way But when I fall and stumble I know I will be saved No my world won't crumble I'll make it through the hardest days Repeat Chorus I wish I'd known all along But it's much better late Than to never know you're wrong Repeat Chorus Twice He sends his love down Somebody up there likes me

San Antonio Rose (Bob Wills)

Oh you and all your splendor It knows only me heart Call back my rose Rose of San Antone Oh lips so sweet and tender Just like petals fallin' apart Speak once again of my love My ol' broken songs Empty words I know Still live in my heart all alone For that moonlit path Oh beside the Alamo And Rose my rose of San Antone Oh my rose my rose of San Antone Take a bow boys! You know a lot of people ask me all the time, who were my musical influences. Well I guess it's just kinda natural, since I was raised in Oklahoma, that one of my musical influences was Bob Wills music. When I was in college we used to sneak down to the Oklahoma and Texas border and go to dances. And it didn't get any better than dancing to Bob Wills music. But you know there was another guy from Oklahoma. I had every album he ever put out. My older brother Pake and my little sister Susie and me, we sang every song he did cause Merle Haggard was a great influence on all of us.

Mama Tried (Merle Haggard)

First thing I remember knowin' Was a lonesome whistle blowin' And a young one's dream of growin' up to ride On a freight train leavin' town Not knowin' where I'm bound No one could steer me right But Mama tried One and only rebel child From a family meek and mild My mama seemed to know what lay in store In spite of all my Sunday learnin' Toward the bad I kept on turnin' Till mama couldn't hold me anymore And I turned twenty-one in prison Doin' life without parole No one could steer me right But Mama tried Mama tried Mama tried to raise me better But her pleading I denied And that leaves only me to blame 'Cause Mama tried And then there was another man from Texas. My mama and daddy used to drive for miles and miles just to listen to him sing. I remember Mama used to tell me. She'd say "Reba he's got the best voice I've ever heard" and then later on when I got to go and listen to him sing, I'd sit there all night long and wait for Ray Price to sing the blues.

Night Life (W. Nelson, P. Buskirk, W. Breeland)

When the evenin' Sun goes down You can find me Hangin' around Oh the night life Ain't no good life But it's my life Many people Just like me Dreaming of Old used to be's Oh the night life It ain't no good life But it's my life Oh listen to the blues they're playin' Oh listen to what the blues are sayin' Mine is just Another scheme In a world Of broken dreams Oh the night life It ain't no good life But it's my life (Play me some blues boys) Oh listen to the blues they're playin' Oh listen to what the blues are sayin' When the evenin' Sun goes down You can find me Hangin' around Oh the night life It ain't no good life But it's my life The night life Ain't no good life But it's my life Oh I love that song. You know I told you about the men who have influenced me in my music. Well now I want to tell you about the women. And there's lots of them. But this first one I wanna tell you about, I admired her for a long time . First of all, it was because of her songwriting. I liked the way she always told a story in her songs. And then in her singing. I always loved to listen to her sing. She had a different style, a different quality about it. She's so witty, so personable and you know no matter whether it's her singing, her songwriting, or her acting, I'll always be a big fan of Dolly Parton!

Jolene (Dolly Parton)

Chorus: Jolene, Jolene Jolene, Jolene I'm beggin' of you Please don't take my man Jolene, Jolene Jolene, Jolene Please don't take him Even though you can Your beauty is beyond compare With flaming locks of auburn hair With ivory skin And eyes of emerald green He talks about you in his sleep There's nothing I can do to keep from cryin' When he calls your name Jolene Repeat Chorus Well you can have your choice of men But I could never love again He's the only one for me Jolene I had to have this talk with you My happiness depends on you And whatever you decide to do Jolene Repeat Chorus Jolene Jolene Jolene Ya know I've met Dolly Parton, and I'm glad to say that we're pretty good friends. I've met Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette, Brenda Lee. A lot of people who have influenced me. Other folks like Merle Haggard George Jones and Ray Price. It really upsets me cause I didn't get to meet a lot of the people who did influence me, like I never got to meet Bob Wills and I never got to meet this next lady I'm gonna tell you about. The only way I can tell you about her now, is the way I learned about her the best is through her songs.

Sweet Dreams (Don Gibson)

Sweet dreams of you Every night I go through Why can't I forget the past And start loving someone new Instead of having Sweet dreams About you You don't love me It's plain I should have known I'd never wear your ring Oh I should hate The whole night through Instead of having Sweet dreams About you Oh instead Of having Sweet dreams About you (Ladies and Gentlemen, Reba McEntire)

RESPECT (Otis Redding)

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me R-E-S-P-E-C-T Take care T-C-B What you want Baby I got it What you need You know I got it All I want you to do for me is Show some respect when you get home Hey baby Come on give it to me Hey Mister I ain't gonna do you wrong while you're gone I ain't gonna do you wrong 'cause I don't wanna And all I want you to do for me is Show me some respect when you get home Hey baby Come on give it to me Hey Mister I'm up to givin' All my money And all I'm askin' in return honey It to give me my propers When you get home Hey baby Come on give it to me Hey Mister Your kiss is Sweeter than honey Guess what So is my money And all I want you to do for me is Show me some respect when you get home Hey baby Come on give it to me Hey Mister R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me R-E-S-P-E-C-T Take care T-C-B R-E-S-P-E-C-T A little respect Hey baby While I'm trying to keep on shinin' You're running out back And I ain't lyin' Re re re re re re re respect Hey baby Re re re re re re re respect Hey baby Oh I've got to have a little respect (Reba McEntire!)

I'd like to thank Danielle for provideing these lyrics and words!