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Thank you, Reba!

She has helped me find confidence I didn't think I had. 
She has showed me courage I never knew I had. She has lifted
me up when I've been at my lowest. She has given me ultimate 
joy and warmth. Her voice and music have been my inspiration. 
When I'm feeling down trodden, I get up and "Walk on". 
When I'm lonely I know that "You will always be there for me". 
This means  God, my friends, and Reba are always there for me. 
Maybe not in the flesh but through her music and indelible spirit
, Reba is always there for me. If I'm having a bad day, 
"I know that tomorrow will be a better day". 
	She has helped me find the one thing I've 
searched for all my life. It seemed that all my life I 
searched and searched for that one special friend. 
That one friend I knew I could count on. That someone whom 
I could tell anything. In 1996 that dream came true, thanks to Reba. 
	Being a fan of Reba, naturally I  gravitated to 
country music chat rooms and Reba chat rooms. 
It was through being a fan of Reba, that I met Mary Durlin, 
my best friend, and the sister I never had. 
	My next biggest dream is one day getting to thank Reba 
in person for this. It may never happen but I will 
never ever give up hope that it will.
     To sum it all up, 
God, Reba, and all my wonderful friends, are 
"So Good Together"!

Amy,the RebaGal