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Hi Everyone!

Sorry it's been since August since I e-mailed you, but we've been going
full speed in many directions!

It's been a busy fall but a fun one! The last time I wrote to you I
was on my way to Europe to record with an artist from Germany by the
name of Corrina May. The trip was a lot of fun and the recording
session went great. We recorded "Does He Love You" with me singing in
English and Corrina answering in German. It will be released in Germany
in the spring of 2000. After the session, Narvel and I got to take a
few days off and do some sightseeing in Monte Carlo and Venice, Italy.

When we returned from Europe, we started rehearsals for our current
tour that is called "The Singer's Diary." This has been a very
challenging show. "The Singer's Diary" is a musical play that tells
the story of my life beginning in 1974 to the present. It's told
through songs and stories using my band, dancers and myself. I really
enjoy performing this show because I get to sing, dance and do very
theatrical performances, which I haven't been able to do, since I broke
my leg in 1996. This show will continue through 2000 so I hope you
will come check it out.

In the middle of rehearsals, I got to go back into the studio and
record a duet with Jose and Durval from Brazil. They are a very popular
duo in Brazil and have sold over 26,000,000 albums. We recorded the
Rita Coolidge song "We're All Alone." We recorded two versions of the
song. One with Jose and Durval singing in Spanish and me singing in
English and it will be on my new CD that will be in stores on November
23. The other version has Jose and Durval singing in Portuguese, which
is the main language of Brazil, and me singing in English. This
version will be on my Brazilian release and will also be included in
Jose and Durval's Brazilian release. I am headed to Brazil this week
to perform the song on Brazilian TV with Jose and Durval and we'll also
shoot a video on "We're All Alone" while in Brazil. I've had a lot of
fun introducing myself and my music to all the different international

In October I got to be in my 10th movie. The title of this feature is
"One Night At McCool's." It stars Michael Douglas, Liv Tyler, Paul
Reiser, Matt Dillon, John Goodman and myself. It's a comedy that will
be in theaters next year.

November will be a very busy month for me. Our tour of "The Singer's
Diary" will continue until Thanksgiving. I'll be doing several TV
shows this month promoting the release of my new CD "So Good Together",
the Christmas CD, and movie. The Christmas CD and Christmas movie both
have the same title, "Secret Of Giving." The Christmas CD is available
now and the movie will air on CBS on Thanksgiving night.

I will be on "The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno" on November the
15th. I will be performing our latest single "What Do You Say." I
will also be taping other TV shows in Los Angeles that will air before
Thanksgiving night. Some of these shows will be "Donnie and Marie,"
"Entertainment Tonight," and others. We will then head to New York
where we will do more TV shows. A&E will be doing their Biography show
on my life on November 23rd and then I'll do "Live By Request" on A&E
on the same night. On Thanksgiving day, I get to sing the National
Anthem at the Dallas Football game, in Dallas.

Narvel, Shelby and I will be in Texas and Oklahoma to enjoy
Thanksgiving with our families. After WAY too much turkey we will
settle down and watch "Secret Of Giving" which airs at 9:00 PM EST. I
hope each of you have a great Thanksgiving.

Our next international trip will begin at the end of November. We will
finish the year with a tour that will include 10 cities in Australia. I
am very excited to get back to Australia. I will be e-mailing you in
the weeks ahead to let you know how everything is going.