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December 16, 1999
Brisbane, Australia

It was another beautiful day in Australia today! We took the band,
dancers, and our parents out on a boat that took us down the Brisbane
River. Just as we were pulling away from the dock, a small jetty
up behind us. It was my cousin on my daddy's side that had been docked
here in Brisbane. She and her family are sailing around the world.
last time we came "Down Under" they were in New Zealand. You talk about
a small world. They are docked right outside our hotel! We got to
visit and made arrangements for them to come to the show tonight.

We had a great time out cruising! We ate lunch, sunned a little,
cards, danced, and took lots of pictures. Then it was back to the

After dinner we went to the show that was at the Entertainment Center
minutes from the hotel. We had a great audience tonight. They were
very responsive and attentive.

After the show, we had a small birthday party for our December birthday
people! Terry Fox, Chris Hicks and Brandon Blackstock were all
presented with the famous "On The Road Pie In The Face" award! See
really not that glamorous out here after all! They also got a great
tasting chocolate cake.

By the time we got back to the hotel, everyone was ready to hit the
and get ready for another day tomorrow. We fly to Townsville tomorrow
and we have two shows left for the year.

See ya,