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Hello from Australia,

I arrived in Melbourne at around 9:45 AM on Wednesday. I was very
excited about this trip because I got to bring my Mother-in law,
Father-in law, Mama and Daddy to Australia for their first visit.
Narvel, Shelby and I had talked about our first trip to Australia, last
year so much, they said when we came back they wanted to travel with

On our first day here we got out and walked in the beautiful parks of
Melbourne and enjoyed the flowers, trees and the sunshine. After the
long flight, the exercise and sun always seems to rejuvenate us. We
a great family dinner and went to bed fairly early to try and get on
their time zone and to get some rest for all the press we had planned
for Thursday.

Thursday, my day started at 8:00 AM with a phone interview with Peter
O'Callaghan with 3MP radio here in Melbourne. 3MP is the presenting
station for our show in Melbourne. After the radio interview, we
traveled to the Channel 9 studios where I performed "What Do You Say?"
on the Today Show. It was great to get to see my friend Steve Liebman,
the host of the Today Show. When he was in Nashville on vacation, he
and his wife came to our home and visited with us. We had a great
It's always great to get to visit with Steve.

After the today show, I did an interview with John Laws at 2UE radio by
phone. I will get to see John later on in Sydney to do his TV show

At 9:30 AM we traveled to the Channel 7 studios where I was on the
Denise Show. This show was special for me because the last time I was
in Australia, I was on Denise's very first show that went on the air.
was great to see her again and this time I got to give her a small
birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to her. I sang "What Do You Say"
which is a song off my new CD called "So Good Together".

At 10:50 AM we went to the Channel 10 studios where I rehearsed the
song for the GMA show. They were taping their last show of the year so
after rehearsing I had a couple of hours before the taping was
scheduled. During those two hours, I did photo shoots and interviews
with the Herald Sun newspaper from Melbourne, Sunday Telegraph
from Sydney and The Australian which is the national newspaper. By this
time it was 1:00 PM and time to tape the GMA show. After the
performance, needless to say, I was getting a little hungry so we took
a break and had great Italian food for lunch.

At 2:30 we traveled to the 3AW studios where I was on the radio live
about 40 minutes with Ernie Sigley. I had done an interview with Ernie
on my last visit and it's always so much fun to get to visit with him.
Ernie took some calls from listeners while I was there and that is
always fun.

We were headed back to the hotel by 3:30 and traffic was beginning to
get pretty heavy. We made it back in time for me to do a few radio
interviews that started at 4:00 PM. I did interviews with 2CC and 2CN
radio in Canberra. We will be doing a show in Canberra on December the
12th. To finish off my day I did two phone interviews with radio
stations 5DN and ABC/5AN in Adelaide. Our concert is on December 6th in

By this time I am pretty tired of talking about myself. I am now going
to do one of my favorite things and that is to take Shelby to the pool
for a little relaxation. We will have a big family dinner tonight and
tell stories about what all everyone got to do and see today. I'm a
little tired but it has been a great day.

We'll all get some rest and start again tomorrow.