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Melbourne, Australia

We’ll its Saturday and I finally got a break. Not only with the
interviews but with the weather. It cooled off to around 72 degrees and
was a beautiful day.

When I counted the interviews that I had done in the last two day, I
done 25. I was ready for a change so I got up eager to get out and do a
little shopping. We walked down Collins Street, where there are some
great shops, and I bought a beautiful necklace of Lapus and Pearls that
was made in Broome. On my last trip here I bought a book called "Tears
Of The Moon" that taught me a lot about the pearling industry in the
1800’s in Broome. There’s nothing like a great shopping trip to get a
woman recharged.

Around 4:00 PM I went over to the auditorium to do a sound check and a
little rehearsal. The dancers and I worked out a few of our routines
the band and I rehearsed a couple of new songs. We hadn’t performed
since we did a TV show in the U.S. around the 23rd of November.
was excited to get back on stage.

While we were out shopping and at the auditorium, Narvel’s parents and
my parents took Shelby to the Melbourne zoo. Shelby got to see a young
Kangaroo in its mother’s pouch and saw several Koalas. This was a great
experience for him and will be great for his school report when we
return home.

Then it was show time and the band and I couldn’t wait to get back in
front of the Australian audience. The feeling was different this time
because when we were here before, I had no idea how the audience would
respond to my music. Last time the response was so great, we were very
excited to get back out there. When the curtain went up, we weren’t
disappointed. The audience was as fabulous as we remembered and we had
great time.

Then it was back to the hotel to pack up and get ready to leave for
Adelaide early in the morning. We sure enjoyed our stay in Melbourne
as usual, we can’t wait to come back.

I hope you will be able to join us somewhere on the tour before it’s
Talk to you tomorrow,