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Hi Everyone!
Boy! Has this been an exciting time! I thought it would be
pretty laid back with not having that many scheduled shows
but boy was I wrong!!! So let me catch you up to date...

I got to speak at the USA Weekend’s “Make A Difference”
luncheon in Washington DC, but the best part was getting
to meet volunteers who had made a difference in their
community. What a huge inspiration!

Our book promotional tour for my second book, Comfort From
A Country Quilt was a huge success! It entered the New York
Times Best Sellers Nonfiction list at #15 and moves to #8
this week. So thanks to all of you who picked up a copy!

Then we flew out to Pasadena, California to receive an
award from the Salvation Army for the song “What If”.
They sure are a great bunch to hang out with.

Then before we played our show in Queen Creek, AZ, Narvel
and I played golf for a few days in Scottsdale. No, I’m
not getting any better but I sure do enjoy being outside
on such beautiful golf courses! I loved getting to work
with Faith Hill at Queen Creek. That sure brought back a
lot of memories!

Next, I got to share a dressing room at the ACM’s with
Martina McBride. Well, I guess I should say, “with Delaney!”
We played “Mother May I”, “Red Light, Green Light”, “Hide
and Go Seek” and she was even trying on my high heels before
the night was over! What a great kid!

We have just finished our fourth year helping raise money
for the Children’s Medical Research Hospital in Oklahoma
City. Along with Ed Gaylord and the Lazy E Ranch, and tons
of volunteers, we raised over $640,000 at the auction and
rodeo. At the Friday afternoon visit to the hospital, I got
to see the babies in the neonatal unit. We have established
a chair for that unit. I was also able to visit with some
Oklahoma City tornado victims. Then all the cowboys,
cowgirls, movie stars and entertainers gathered in the
Troy Aikman playroom to sign autographs and take pictures
with the kids and families. It was a very moving and memorable
weekend for a very good cause. Being Mother’s Day weekend,
it was perfect that Mama and Daddy came up and spent some
time with us, along with Alice, my sister and her husband,

And then on Sunday, Mother’s Day, Shelby and Narvel took me
golfing and had dinner fixed when we got home. What more
could you ask for? No, Narvel didn’t cook!

I just got finished recording my last sessions for the CD
which will be out this fall. On this last bunch, I finally
got to work with Keith Stegall! I can’t wait for you to
hear the songs! I’m really proud of them. So the album was
produced by Tony Brown, David Malloy and Keith Stegall.
I hope you like it!

It’s been busy, but it’s been fun. So thanks for letting
me bend your ears...uh, eyes for a little while.
Until next time,