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Adelaide, Australia

Today was a day off and a day of travel. The band, crew and I woke up
Melbourne and headed to the airport. We flew to Adelaide around 11:00
AM. It's quite interesting going to the airport with around 100 bags to
check-in and 40 people traveling. Once everyone's bags were checked in
and everyone had their boarding passes everyone scattered looking for
breakfast, coffee or a magazine to read. Just as the plane began to
board, everyone appear from all around just in time to make the flight.

We arrived in Adelaide around 12:15 PM. Our hotel was downtown near
shopping and although it was Sunday, the city streets were buzzing. A
few of us hit the stores and the first thing that hit my eye was a
bookstore. The last time I was here I bought a few books of an
Australian author Di Morrissey. Today I found the book, "Scatter the
Stars" and then another Australian author, Bryce Courtenay's book "The
Potato Factory". I love to read, it passes the time away while waiting
on planes and I learn more about Australia.

Shelby stayed at the hotel swimming with the dancers and then played
cards with his grandparents.

With dinner coming on, we scheduled our dinner plans on top the
overlooking Adelaide. The food was great. Kangaroo was on the menu but
none of us were brave or curious enough to try it.

A lot of the band and crew have colds, maybe a touch of the flu and
are still trying to get acclimated to the time change. But all and
we're having a great time.

Tomorrow we have a tour planned through the wine country and then the
show tomorrow night, so I'd better get in bed and get some rest.