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Reba opened her new tour "The Singer's Diary"
(Sept. 29, 1999) to an enthusiastic sold out
audience at Tampa's Performing Arts Center.
The ambitious, almost two-hour production
combines the styles of a Broadway play with
the elements of a major music concert, and
according to both critics and fans attending,
was a rousing success. The theatergoers erupted
in several standing ovations throughout the
evening, acknowledging the months of pre-production
and rehearsals that had gone into the show.

Noted the St. Petersburg Times' critic Gina
Vivinetto, "Reba has a gift for comic timing,
delivering monologues with down-home chuckles." She
added that Reba's "in control. And judging from the
enthusiastic response fans gave the star Wednesday
night-laughter in all the right places, whoops and
hollers after songs, not to mention the standing
ovation midway through the show-that's perfectly fine."

The production, which traces the life of the successful
singer utilizing actors, dancers and the artist's road
band, will tour just over a dozen US cities before
breaking for the holidays.