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Why Not Tonight (Jon Vezner, David Stringfellow, Nancy Montgomery), this song was used on the movie, Tremors

Well pardon me but you have my attention Ever since you strolled into the room Believe me that it's not my intention If I appear to come on too smooth It's not like me to make such advances But this time baby I could not resist So if you're up for taking a chance on love I can't see a better time than this Chorus: So baby why not tonight This could be the start of something right Hey you can take it easy We can take it so slow We can take it anywhere that you'd like to go So baby why not tonight The stars are out and I'm sure they'll agree Oh it's a perfect night for falling in love So why not fall in love with me Oh maybe we could go out for some dinner And later on how we could do the town Ya know I consider myself a winner Just to have a boy like you around Then if you're up for doing some dancing Yeah I know a place they dance until the dawn Anything you like will be alright So why not take a chance and come along Repeat Chorus (Why not fall in love, why not fall in love, baby why not fall in love with me)

What Am I Gonna Do About You (Doug Gilmore, Bob Simon, Jim Allison)

The kid down the street mowes the grass every week The neighbor next door fixed the roof where it leaked Job's going fine and the bills are all paid And everyone thinks that I'm doing OK There's a guy down at work He's asked me out once or twice I haven't said yes But I'm thinking I might And on my way home I thought I saw you walk by If only I could get you out of my mind Chorus: What in the world am I gonna do about you Oh your memory keeps coming back From out of the blue Oh well I try And I try But I still can't believe that we're through So tell me what in the world am I gonna do about you What am I gonna do about you I went to the store But it wasn't much fun It doesn't take long when you're shopping for one Standing in line I thought I saw you walk in And that's when it started all over again Repeat Chorus (Darling what am I gonna do about you)

Lookin' For A New Love Story (Donny Lowery, Dave Loggins)

All my life I've looked at love as a fairy tale A woman a man never never land and a storybook ending Leading roles and my heros upon the silver screen I played em all but always came up empty But one of these days I'll be in a movie with 'em Cause I believe that fantasy Is one step from reality For those of us who dream of love And I believe cause I want to There's some one man for someone who believes in love To not give up Even though you've heard so many say That's the way the story goes Chorus: I'm lookin for a new love story I'm lookin for a yellow brick road That'll carry me to his door I'm lookin for a new love story Oh one that's never been told before And I have searched the oceans of many a man's eyes But I have yet to feel like more than some deserted island I know a relationship will come for me in time And I can't wait to see his face on my horizon Cause one of these days he'll sail into my life Repeat Verse 2 Repeat Chorus

Take Me Back (John Hobbs, Jerry Fuller)

Now and then I open up a trunk full of old souvenirs Thumb through a scrapbook holding back the tears I keep wishing we could do it once more Just the way we did before Chorus: Take me back to Sycamore Park Put the radio dial on the golden oldies Hey lay a blanket down and hold me We can stay all night By the light of the moon above So take me back, back to love Ever since you took me to the big city Looking for the start Living in the fast lane Is tearing us apart Sometimes don't you want to trade it all in For a little way back when Repeat Chorus Well I remember sneaking out the back Mama thought I was asleep Watching for your headlights Creeping down the street Trying to steal a kiss Just anyway we can Back where it all began Repeat Chorus x2

My Mind Is On You (Dave Loggins, Don Schlitz)

We had a fight A lover's quarrel Angry words spoken in haste Deep in the night It went out of control And with tears streaming down my face I slammed the door and I walked out Swearing that we were through Now I'm sitting in a bar Thinking I've gone too far Wondering what I'm gonna do Thinking about calling you Chorus: To my left blue collar To my right a high dollar man Across the bar a smooth bartender Who thinks I'm in the palm of his hand Well they buy me drinks Light my cigarette They're all wondering which one I'm gonna choose Oh my hand's on my glass My second margarita And my mind is on you My mind is on you Well I ran away In a moment of weakness I couldn't hold my own I should stay Because being together Means more than who was right or wrong And sitting in a room full of lonely faces You're the only one I see If you only knew I was thinking of you Would you come and rescue me Maybe I should call and see Repeat Chorus (My third margarita) I should of known I could never get along Outside of your love It's last call And I'm out of cigarettes They are all wondering what I'm gonna do Oh my hand's on the glass It's my last margarita And my mind is on you My mind is on you My mind is on you

Let The Music Lift You Up (Troy Seals, Eddie Setser)

Well you say you're from the city Chicago is your home Hey I'm a country girl Over Oklahoma way Oh there are miles and miles between us But that don't mean a thing When those guitars start to play Oh sweet sounds of freedom Ringing through the air Sending out a message to us all We don't have a curtain Made of iron or stone We are not divided by a wall Chorus: So come on tell me Hey, hey, hey From L.A. to Broadway Hey, hey, hey Let the music lift you up Hey, hey, hey, Whoa everybody's singin' Hey, hey, hey, Let the music lift you up When you're feelin' low Hit that radio Let the music lift you Let the music lift you Up, way up, way up There are books that tell us What makes this whole world turn And how heaven holds the star wars But there's no explanation Lord it's still a mystery How a song can touch your heart Repeat Chorus Let the music lift you Let the music lift you Up, way up, way up

I Heard Her Cryin' (Karen Staley)

The whole night in the kitchen Saying words we'll both regret And you scream you we're leaving And you cursed the day we met The sound goes above the slamming door And broken dishes thrown around the floor So loud it made us stop It was the sound of a teardrop Chorus: When I heard her crying Thought she was tucked away in bed I heard her crying Wish we could take back what we said I didn't think she was old enough to know Oh Lord we must have hurt her so When she begged you not to go I heard her crying Well I'd have given anything For time to erase When I turned around and saw Those little tears roll down her face Oh my heart nearly broke in two When she said Mommy what did I do To make you and daddy mad Oh I'm sorry I was bad I looked at you and you looked at me And we felt each other's shame Kneeling down to hold our child Said she was not to blame Now sometimes when we're angry And say things that aren't true We still love each other And baby we love you Repeat Chorus

No Such Thing (Paul Nelson, Gene Nelson)

Well there's news flying 'round On the rosy side of town That I have gone and found somebody new Well ? Against the way some people talk I guess sometimes it's all they have to do Chorus: Oh there ain't no such thing As me not loving you Honey there ain't no such thing As me not being true So believe your heart and not your ears Your heart knows what is true There's no such thing As me not loving you Well a love like yours and mine Has got to deal with the jealous kind But I don't mind there's nothing I can do Cause their words can do no harm With you here in my arms So they can talk until their talk turn blue Repeat Chorus (There ain't no such thing as me not loving you)

One Promise Too Late (Dave Loggins, Lisa Silver, Don Schlitz)

I would have waited forever If I'd known that you'd be here We could have shared our lives together And held each other close all through the years But I've met someone before you And my heart just couldn't wait So no matter how much I adore you I've got to stand behind the promise that I made Chorus: Where were you When I could have loved you Where were you When I gave my heart away All my life I've been dreaming of you You came along one promise too late You came along one promise too late I won't say that I'm sorry that I met you I can't have you but I never will forget you Repeat Chorus x2

Till It Snows In Mexico (Gordon Payne, Roger Lavoie)

Riding up in Oklahoma People call us blind 'Cause we believe in God and love And old fashioned things We still draw the line between wrong and right And when a woman takes a husband it's for life We met on a road from Tulsa Travelers in the night Well I knew we belong together It just felt so right There's something about this gal you ought to know She's gonna love you Till it snows in Mexico Chorus: I'm gonna love you Till it snows in Mexico Or till the Rio Grande freezes over Cause darling when God made our love He threw away the mold And I'm gonna love you Till it snows in Mexico If you should ever leave me Heaven forbid But you don't have to worry none About me ? You know exactly where I'll go I'll be waiting for the snow in Mexico Repeat Chorus Cause darling when He made our love He threw away the mold I'm gonna love you Till it snows in Mexico

Danielle, thank you for the lyrics on these pages!